HPC Group Curriculum

The HPC research activities are carried in a number of basic research projects supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology in the last years. Figure shows the projects (yellow boxes) that the researchers involved in this project have had since 1982.

In addition to national projects, the group has also participated in a number of projects related to the CEPBA (European Center for Parallelism of Barcelona) in the framework of the European Union (see Figure). Most of the researchers from CEPBA, research topics and projects were the starting point for the Computer Sciences (CS) group at the BSC-CNS.

The quantitative results of our research group can be summarized in the following table (the results of the last 5 years, are shown):

TypeNumber of Publications
PhD Theses 18
Conference Papers 186
Journal Papers 76
Book Chapters 8

An exhaustive list of the publications of the group, as well as many of the articles in electronic format, can be found in HPC Group Curriculum. This page is updated every time that there are new publications to add.

Finally, we will carry out a description of the activities of the group in the last 5 years (2003-2007). We have organized the HPC Group Curriculum in 5 subjects. For every subject it is detailed as the research group has contributed towards advancing the state of the art detailing the presented PhD thesis and the most important contributions in journals and conferences.

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